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Boosting the heat transition by making collective heating cheaper, faster and greener

A core challenge in the energy transition is to move away from natural gas to sustainable heating solutions. Cellcius Heat Battery Technology helps accelerate this transition. By capturing waste heat or electricity from industry, data centers and horticulture. And releasing it at any given time or location, without loss of energy. In the Netherlands alone there is enough residual energy available to supply 3 million homes with all the warmth needed. Cellcius makes it happen, fast, CO2-neutral and affordable.

Speeding up heat transition

The heat transition cannot be achieved by only using heat pumps, sustainable combustion, and collective heat networks. Because buildings are not compatible, the grid is congested, and investment risks are high. The Cellcius heat storage system charges on readily available energy sources, at relatively low costs and without extra load to the grid.

Based on salt and water

No explosion or fire hazard, no toxic or unsafe substances. Cellcius Heat Battery technology works with two simple and safe ingredients: salt and water, better: a salt hydrate and water vapor. Add those together and it releases heat that you can harness. In an endlessly repeatable cycle.

Disruptive CO2 reduction

The heat battery itself has no emissions and makes heat that would otherwise be lost valuable. By using residual heat in places where there is heat "left over", houses can be heated without gas. This means an enormous reduction in CO2 emissions, since no extra gas needs to be burned for the heat used.


Because the heat battery makes use of the most common raw materials on earth (water and salt) and uses heat that is already available, the cost per kWh/th is extremely low. 

No heat network required

Because Cellcius Heat Battery Technology does not require an extensive heat network, the technology can be deployed quickly.

Cooling as well as heating

The thermal battery can store heat. This means that, as heat disappears from the air, the battery can also cool air.

Two complementary use cases

Cellcius' technology offers two applications: [cellcius.local] and [cellcius.mobile], which together provide flexible and future-proof heat solutions.

[Cellcius.local] is a closed system located at a fixed location. Local waste heat, locally generated power or available electricity at low spot prices is stored in the battery. During peaks in heat demand or at times of higher energy prices, the Cellcius battery releases heat or cooling into the existing piping system.

[Cellcius.mobile] makes it possible to capture waste heat in one place and transport it by road, rail or water by battery container to another place. Without loss of energy. Empty batteries are replaced by full ones, which, via the existing pipeline system, provide a continuous supply of heat or additional heat during peaks in demand.

Impression of temporary heat battery with a capacity of 10 GJ and an output of 100 kW to heat several houses

Making waste heat valuable

Residual heat is heat that would otherwise go up in the air and thus be worthless. Thanks to Cellcius' Heat Battery Technology, this heat, waste heat, can be made valuable. By using the enormous amount of low temperature heat (waste and renewable heat) for space heating and cooling, large quantities of houses can be heated.

By using this heat, it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions from heating individual houses by 55-100%.



Image Raymond Rutting / de Volkskrant

Cellcius Thermal Battery Technology in the news

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With the heat battery technology, we can cool, heat and, of course, store heat. For the industrial and residential environment. The result: we can use energy much more intelligently and reduce peak loads in supply and demand. This is how we change the energy world and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable one.


Storing heat and using it again later:
Let's start an energy revolution!


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