Our mission is to change the energy world and make a significant contribution to accelerating the transition to a more sustainable world

Cellcius bv was founded in 2020 to develop and commercialise the technology developed within TNO and TU Eindhoven. The focus of Cellcius will initially be on utilising industrial residual heat and making it available at locations where there is a demand for heat.

The first pilots have been launched at three locations in Europe, testing the heat battery technology in the residential environment. The first industrial application will be ready by the end of 2022.


Mascha Sanders
CEO Cellcius


Eddy Allefs


Dr. Pim Donkers
System Engineer


Prof. Olaf Adan
CSO Cellcius

Mathijs Koens



Dr. Jelle Houben
System Engineer


Mathijs van Raaij



Bram Rijnen

Gido Vermeer




Denise Fieldhouse

Marketing & Communication


Zenith Holtman

Jr Engineer


Quinten van den Hoogen

Market Analyst


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