The Cellcius heat battery is a low power-high capacity storage solution for low temperature levels (up to 150 °C) and uses safe, reliable technology and the most common basic raw materials on earth: salt and water.  

Cellcius makes it possible to store heat safely and loss-free for long periods and makes it transportable without the need for a special heat network. Residual heat from industry and data centres, for example, can be stored and used to heat homes and offices efficiently and at low cost.


Technical specifications

Temperature range from 30 to 150 °C

Capacities from 1 GJ - 800 GJ to 1-100 m3

Power ratings from 1 kW to 10 MW

Higher outputs and capacities possible with modular design

Cellcius heath battery fits industry

Making residual heat
of value

With Cellcius heat battery technology it is easily possible to store unused heat, waste heat, and supply it as heat energy to residential and non-residential locations. Because heat is stored in a solid and secure material, it can be freely transported (without heat loss) and used again independently of the location.

Reducing footprint and increasing sustainable image

The Cellcius heat battery has the perfect footprint due to its fully reusable active material. In addition, the technique is simple, robust and sustainable. By utilising unused, surplus energy, the footprint within the industry is reduced. In addition, the active use of Cellcius heat batteries and the supply of sustainable heat energy contribute to a sustainable image.

100% Safe

No additional explosion or fire hazard, no toxic or unsafe substances. The Cellcius Heat Battery technology works with two simple and safe ingredients: salt and water, better: a salt hydrate and water vapor. Add these together and usable heat is released.

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