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The demand for sustainable ways of dealing with energy is increasing rapidly. One of the biggest challenges is the cost-effective storage of, for example, industrial residual heat, geothermal heat or solar and wind energy so that they can be released at a later date (when production is less abundant). Safe, loss-free, inexpensive and sustainable.

The Cellcius Heat Battery technology makes it possible to store energy in the form of heat and then use it independently of time and place. We use safe, reliable technology and the most common basic raw materials on earth: salt and water.


No explosion or fire hazard, no toxic or unsafe substances. The Cellcius Heat Battery technology works with two simple and safe ingredients: salt and water, better: a salt hydrate and water vapor. Add those together and a new salt is created and heat is released which can be utilised.

Heat loss free

Current heat storage solutions use perceptible heat in liquids or solids, or in phase transitions. They cool down and this can happen quickly. Even electrical storage loses a few percent per day.

The heat battery does not lose the stored energy. In this way heat can be transported without loss and used profitably in other places.


The Cellcius Heat Battery has the perfect footprint due to the full reusability of the active material. In addition, the technology is simple, robust and designed for reuse.

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