Breakthrough Energy, a private investment coalition founded by Bill Gates, awards Explorer Grant to Cellcius. It is one of the first companies from the Netherlands to receive support from this fund. Through this coalition, Gates aims to accelerate innovation in renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Heat battery
Cellcius is developing a heat battery with the most common basic raw materials on earth: salt and water. Potassium carbonate is a salt hydrate and can combine with water. Adding water vapor to the salt creates a chemical reaction that changes the properties of crystals and releases heat. The process also works in reverse, by firing water off the salt crystal and storing the heat in the salt. Cheap, compact and losing relatively little heat, the battery has the potential to heat homes on a large scale. At the same time, storing heat also reduces energy bills because less is consumed.

We want to help accelerate the innovation process
One way we can prevent a global climate catastrophe is by supporting the next generation of innovators. So that they can work even faster and smarter than ever. These new leaders are helping to accelerate the innovation process. With the intent to invent, they will help us build new companies and products faster and bring down costs faster. So that the whole world can afford these smart climate-friendly technologies we all need.

Bill Gates
Founder of Breakthrough Energy

Explorer Grant enables bigger steps
Prof. Olaf Adan is involved with Cellcius and has been working with his research team on the heat battery for more than 10 years. He and Cellsius have been selected for an Explorer Grant.

Explorer Grants support ideas from young companies and provide funding for one year of research and development. If concrete steps are made in the development of the technology during this year, it may qualify for Breakthrough Energy's Fellows program. The Fellows program is a two-year mentoring program that helps develop and commercialize promising technologies, and is designed to bridge the gap between laboratory and market.

I am enormously pleased with this award and proud that our work is also receiving international recognition. This award in a global competition is a fantastic confirmation of the potential our Dutch innovation has to rapidly contribute to global CO2 reduction. The award greatly accelerates the steps towards a market-ready product and opening up sustainable heat and cold for all." Aldus Olaf Adan, CSO Cellcius

Cellcius is a spin-off of TNO and TU Eindhoven,
is supported by Eindhoven Engine
and is affiliated with Energy Storage Netherlands