"Thirty billion m3 of natural gas. That's the equivalent of the 125 PJ of heat that Dutch industry wastes annually. We just blow it into the air or discharge it into surface water. A staggering amount of energy that we wouldn't have to generate if we knew how to harness it. And we can. With Cellcius' heat battery".

Mascha Sanders demosntrates how Cellcius salt can heat homes

So opened Mascha Sanders, yesterday her conversation with Minister Rob Jetten during his visit to Eindhoven. In doing so, Mascha demonstrated - with the minister's help - how the Cellcius battery can make the supply of heat and cold time- and place-independent through the use of salt and water. She explained how thermal storage can make a huge contribution to the heat transition and combating grid congestion. Together with CSO Olaf Adan, she made the call to make pilot projects and subsidies (more easily) available for heat storage initiatives.

Many thanks to VDL, Brainport Eindhoven and TU Eindhoven for their hospitality. And Annemarie Spierings, Stef Luijten, Rik Thijs, Mark Boneschanscher, Willem van der Leegte , Maarten Abbenuis and Paul van Nunen for the warm interest.

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is supported by Eindhoven Engine
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