Minister Rob Jetten visits Cellcius

"Thirty billion m3 of natural gas. That's the equivalent of the 125 PJ of heat that Dutch industry wastes every year. [...]

Cellcius wins Academic Start-Up Competition

After a long selection process in which thousands of start-ups were evaluated by judges, Tuesday was finally here; the final [...]

Cellcius has entered the Cleantech 50 to watch list 

Each year, the 50 most promising companies from around the world are brought together on 1 list, [...]

Cellcius awarded the Gerard and Anton Philips prize

For eight consecutive years each year, the 10 most promising startups have been awarded the Gerard and Anton [...]

Cellcius wins climate coalition Bill Gates award

Breakthrough Energy, a private investment coalition founded by Bill Gates, awards Explorer Grant to Cellcius. It is one of [...]

Alternatives to the central heating boiler: are they really that economical?

News Hour, Sept. 17 Getting off the gas for your heating has never been more appealing. Alternatives to the [...]

Inventor of heat battery is in a hurry: 'We're literally wasting energy now'

Ardi Vleugels / Article in the Financieel Dagblad, June 26 New knowledge should accelerate the energy transition and shape the future [...]

Upscaling by downsizing: How the heat battery 2.0 came to be.

The past year we have been working within Cellcius to scale up and further develop the second generation of home batteries. This [...]


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Together we make Future. In conversation with Mathijs Koens, CFO at Cellcius BV

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In conversation with GreenLeft-PvdA MPs on innovations for energy and climate transition

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Eindhoven heat battery step by step closer to market

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The best tech awards have been given out!

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Dutch salt battery could power homes

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Dutch heat battery gets grant from Bill Gates fund

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Salt as the key to a new energy network

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Bill Gates invests in Dutch heat battery and iron powder

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Bill Gates money to Eindhoven

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Heat battery Cellcius in News Hour

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Residential area will soon be heated with salt and water

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Inventor of heat battery is in a hurry: 'We're literally wasting energy now'

iHeat@Home I Olaf Adan - Project leader

The Salzbattery: Energy of the Future?

Cellcius raises 1.2 million to heat homes with residual heat from industry and a salt battery.

Over one million euro for Eindhoven salt battery

This will make the energy bill a lot lower (but that will take time)

La batería de sal que eliminará las calefacción de gas

TU Eindhoven invention: heat your house with this battery of salt

Will we soon be heating our homes with salt?

This Dutch invention could well speed up the energy transition

Heat batteries full of salt could 'take millions of homes off gas'

L1 on Cellcius heat battery

Listen to the radio broadcast here

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