Meet Marijn & Zenith

Marijn van Lingen - Process technologist

Marijn van Lingen - Process Technologist 

Hi, I am Marijn van Lingen, 22 years old and graduated from HBO Chemical Engineering at Avans in Breda at the beginning of this year. Right from my first day at Cellcius I started working with the pill press. "Pill press, what is that?" you are probably thinking. The pill press makes tablets from the salt powder. The tablets are shaped so that air can easily be blown through them. This is necessary for faster optimization of our system in the heat battery.

I do this work together with my colleague Carst Hoopman, who has been investigating areas for improvement in tablets for some time. After much learning, researching, encountering and solving problems, we managed to press a scarcely a ton (1000kg!) of tablets for a new demo setup just before Christmas. With this milestone fresh in our minds, we are capturing the lessons learned and clarifying what areas of improvement we are going to pick up. After all this, I am going to focus on improving our equipment. I look forward to transforming our salt powder into workable tablets on a larger scale.

Zenith Holtman - technical draftsman

My name is Zenith Holtman, I am 23 years old and graduated last year as an Interior ship/furniture maker from Summa. During this education I was involved in drawing out furniture and other projects such as mechanical parts in the program AutoCAD. In November 2022, I started at Cellcius and first of all studied the technical specifications of the heat battery. 

I am currently engaged in the design of hardware for monitoring and controlling test setups. It is challenging work and different every day. The biggest challenge is translating the drawn models into physical hardware. This is very satisfying because before your eyes you see the models grow and evolve. My next step will be working on the new demo setup.