forward 2023 update

Forward! - 2023 Update

Last year we accomplished a lot and we are very proud of that as a team. We had ambitious plans for last year and we have fulfilled them. This year there are new challenging goals on the program and we are going to do everything we can to achieve great results again with the team.

The first milestone is planned for the next few months. We want to have a 20 kW system working have. This is an important milestone and will allow us to test our results from the lab and in practice and see them work in vivo.

We have already been able to start many projects thanks to HEAT-INSYDE. This year we are adding two new projects. Together with HEAT-INSYDE we are going to test and approve at least three heat batteries. This will allow us to install four demonstration units at homes, i.e. really in people's homes, later this year. This is something we as a team are really looking forward to. It will be a lot of work, but to see your work in action is one of the best outcomes of a project.

The test rig set up next to the office, known to many as "the heat shed," has undergone considerable development over the past year. The team has spent long days in the shed and partly as a result, the test stand is now ready for use and further optimization. Next summer, the unit will be installed in Eindhoven.


In February we will start designing and building the 100 kW system. Now that we are in the completion phase of building the 20 kW system, we are taking the next step towards more power. We are calculating the now familiar technical challenges and looking for innovative solutions to seemingly simple but in reality complex problems. This is an important project for 2023 and it feels very grand and elusive from time to time, but through smart collaborations and continuous research we tick a few more items off the checklist every week. Especially as our team grows, you notice how much difference a week can make.

Testing and scaling up material production is another important part of our activities this year. Thanks to the Eurostar grant, we can now continue testing both material stability on a large scale and also develop the necessary stabilization methods. We are very grateful for Eurostar's award. This will allow us to accelerate the necessary work and bring the commercial heat battery another step closer.

In short, we want to do a lot of work this year and achieve great results. We like to keep you informed about our progress and development. So again with the next update.

By Pim Donkers