Eindhoven, July 1, 2021 - TNO's spin-off Cellcius is setting up shop in Eindhoven to bring thermal battery technology to the world. 

The demand for sustainable ways of dealing with energy is increasing rapidly. One of the greatest challenges is the cost-effective storage of energy in the form of, for example, industrial residual heat, geothermal heat or solar and wind energy, and releasing this energy at a later time (when production is reduced). With the thermal battery technology of the Dutch company Cellcius, it is possible to store energy in the form of heat safely, without heat loss and, above all, sustainably. And with the establishment in the MMP building of Kadans Science Partner in Eindhoven, an important step has been made in the further growth of Cellcius.

The Cellcius team, with from left to right Jelle Houben, Pim Donkers and Olaf Adan. Photo Jorick Heijerman)

"Kadans in Eindhoven is a logical location for us," says Cellcius CEO a.i. Olaf Adan . "As a start-up, Cellcius was looking for its own office space. Our team works closely with TNO, TU Eindhoven and other parties in the Eindhoven region; we preferred to stay in Eindhoven. By choosing Kadans, we've found sufficient R&D space and we'll be working in an innovative and inspiring environment. A great location to enter the next phase of development and growth with Cellcius to make our contribution to the energy transition and to a more sustainable world."  

"We are delighted with the arrival of Cellcius. As a spin-off, they are a very welcome addition to our ecosystem on the TU/e Campus where there is a lot of focus on the energy transition. We are very much looking forward to the new collaborations within this community and the further growth of Cellcius." Pim van Os, Commercial Manager Kadans Science Partner 

From search to heating, without a heat network

The Cellcius heat battery can store heat safely without loss and is the ideal solution for geographically disconnecting heat supply and demand. Residual heat from, for example, data centres and industry, can be stored and used to heat homes and offices. The heat, stored in a heat battery, can easily be transported without losses and used at any other time and place. This reduces the need for expensive infrastructure and, with the help of the heat battery, the peak load in supply and demand of sustainable energy sources can be reduced. 

Revolutionary, loss-free and safe

The fact that the Cellcius heat battery is heat loss free is revolutionary. Current solutions for heat storage make use of sensible heat in liquids or solids, or in phase transitions. These techniques have the major disadvantage that they lose heat, just as electrical storage loses a few percent per day. The Cellcius heat battery is a low power-high capacity storage solution for low temperature levels (up to 150˙C) and uses safe, reliable technology and the most common base materials on earth: salt and water.  

Cellcius brings thermal battery technology to the market

Last year Cellcius bv was founded to further develop and market the technology developed within TNO and TU Eindhoven. The focus of Cellcius will initially be on utilising industrial residual heat and making it available at locations where there is a demand for heat. The first pilots have already started at three locations in Europe, where the heat battery technology is being tested. The first industrial application should be ready by the end of 2022. It is Cellcius' mission to change the energy world and make a significant contribution to accelerating the transition to a more sustainable world.

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Adan, CEO a.i.
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